SAHBA Supported Zoning Code Amendment Approved


The Pima County Board of Supervisors approved new amendments to the zoning code on October 17th.  These amendments were heavily supported by SAHBA and will allow for greater density single-family home development.  Specifically, the amendments will:

  • Make the development standards consistent amongst housing types by standardizing the CR-4, CR-5, TR, CB-1, and CB-2 developments standards;
  • Allow more development flexibility; and,
  • Standardize terminology among zones.

SAHBA Supported Small Lot Zoning Code Amendment Approved

This will allow for more development flexibility by repealing the small lot subdivision option in the code and amending standards to reduce the average area per dwelling unit for single detached dwellings. These changes were recommended by the Development Services staff and were agreed to by all five supervisors. To read the specific ordinance click here.

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