Downtown Tucson Partnership Updates SAHBA-R on 3/7/18


What’s the latest on Downtown Tucson’s redevelopment plans? Find out Wednesday noon, March 7th, at an open meeting of the SAHBA Remodelers Council. Guest speaker Randi Dorman, Downtown Tucson Partnership’s Board Chair (at left), will give us an overview of $1.1 billion in new private and public investment over the past 75 months.

According to the DTP website:  “Downtown Tucson is abuzz with activity. Nearly 200 new businesses and private investment projects including 38 new dining options, 12 new bars and nightclubs, and 23 new shops. 19 new offices including three new corporate headquarters.  Nearly 600 new or repurposed housing units. Over 3,000 new or relocated jobs. New parking garages with tens of thousands of square feet of prime retail space.”

Our Spotlight Member and gracious lunch sponsor is Katharine Kent from The Solar Store. Thank you, Katharine. RSVP to MJ, please.

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