4th Annual Southern Arizona Construction Career Days



 COMING OCTOBER 25th & 26th.

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In 2013, the Arizona Transportation Builders Association decided to focus on job creation, and to create career paths in the construction industry. Thus, the formation of Southern Arizona Construction Career Days (SACCD) Committee; various construction trade associations, private sector construction firms, local and State government agencies, various high school organizations, and universities.  This award winning (Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground – 2015) Committee brought 700 student in 2014, 1,000 students in 2015 and now 1,250 students this fall.

Educators are challenged to develop lessons to introduce careers to students. However, realistically, it is difficult for busy educators to know the details of all careers. This event is designed for educators to provide career exploration for their students within the construction industry, including trades, infrastructure, utilities, engineering, design and architecture and more. The industry understands the way to introduce the students to these careers is best done with interactive and hands-on activities…. Read More



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